In this book, you will find tools that explain in a practical, easy to apply way the gift God has given us to be overcomers.  Hard does not have to be forever - you can be the overcomer you have always wanted to be!  Now, for the first time ever, in eBook format!!!

Hard is Not Forever eBook

  • This book will help you be an overcomer and know that hard is not forever!

  • Reverend Gwen Dreger is the founder and senior leader of Celebration Life Ministries in Surrey, BC, Canada, and author of There's Always Time to Hear God. Reverend Gwen has a broad spectrum of over 40 years of ministry experience and is recognized as a dynamic woman of God preaching the Word in strength and power. Reverend Gwen's greatest desire is to see leaders from all nations come together in strength; partnering and equipping them to fulfill the dreams God has placed in their heart. With the anointing of an Apostle, Reverend Gwen believes for increase and establishment of the principles of the Word of God to be firmly rooted into every aspect of the believer's walk and demonstrated in the miracle working power of God.