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The devil is out there roaring like a lion, seeking who he may devour and he is after the weak and the wordless.  I believe its high time to get off his menu!  Temptation is not a toy; don’t play with it.  Sin lied at the door with Cain.  It’s time to pull the welcome out from under temptation’s feet and get sin away from your door!  Learn some ways you can avoid the devil’s traps!  You must decide to be strong and to resist the temptations of this world.  You can know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that you can boldly trust in Him who never changes.  You can know with confidence that if you fall you are forgiven and washed clean through the blood of Jesus!  You can know what to do so you don’t take the bait any longer.

Don't Take the Bait - CD Set

  • This box set includes 3 CDs for only $20!  Great for you or as a gift! 

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