Our Vision

At LIFE Bible School, it is our aim to impart the richness and power of His Word and equip the saints to live in the fullness of His LIFE.


We are offering three courses in the Fall 2019 Semester, and you can take as many courses as you choose. No matter how many courses you take, there is a flat $40 registration fee.


Practical Christian Living

Instructor: Pastor Lalu

Length: Semester course (Fall 2019)
Synopsis: This course focuses on two aspects of Christian living, the Kingdom of God and Biblical Faith. To learn about the kingdom of God, we will learn about the purpose of the kingdom of God on this earth and how to advance the kingdom with its power. Our goal is to help to develop the knowledge of kingdom living through fulfilling the plan of God in your life. To learn about Biblical faith, we will learn about the faith of Jesus. Our goal is to help you exercise the gift of faith to experience practical Christian life more effectively.
Course Requirements: At the end of the course, you will write a summary of what has been taught.


New Testament Truths
Instructor: Pastor Jason
Length: Full-year course (Fall 2019 & Spring 2020)
Synopsis: This course centers on the truths of the New Testament, bringing to light the greatness of what Jesus has done for us, the richness of our inheritance in Him and the power of His life in us. This semester covers Salvation, the Spirit of God, and Holy Living.
Course Requirements: TBA


Service & Ministry Training

Instructor: Pastor Gwen
Length: Semester course (Fall 2019)
Synopsis: This course is about learning about your gifts and how to work with others. One of the things you will learn is the difference between being a servant and not a slave. Our aim is that you grow in grace and power specifically for ministry!
Course Requirements: TBA

Fall 2019 Semester


11 weeks, September 8th, 2019 - November 24th, 2019 (No classes October 6th)


Classes will be held on Sunday evenings at Celebration Life Church. Each class will be approximately an hour long, with a short break in between classes.


Practical Christian Living: 6:00-6:55pm

- 5 Minute Break -

New Testament Truths: 7:00-7:55pm

- 5 Minute Break -

Service & Ministry Training: 8:00-8:55pm


If you have any questions, please contact us!

***NOTE: Registration is now closed for this semester.  Check back regularly for the next semester.