Dr. Jerry Grillo

Join us on March 18th & 19th to hear our special guest, Dr. Jerry Grillo.  We are so excited for these sessions; you won't want to miss them. Make sure you mark off these dates on your calendar so you can be here, and invite a friend to come with you!

Sunday, March 18th @ 10am & 6:30pm

Monday, March 19th @ 7pm

About Dr. Jerry Grillo...

Dr. Jerry Grillo & Pastor MaryAnn Grillo founded the Favor Center Church with a dream to restore broken lives affected by the circumstances of life.  Through the years, Dr. Grillo has written over 30 books, including Overcoming the Seduction of Disloyalty.  He has traveled the world, founded ministries, and much more!  Follow him on social media to hear his daily motivation talks... They are powerful words to start your day off right!

Twitter: @BishopGrillo

Periscope: @BishopGrillo

For more information about Dr. Grillo and his ministry, go to his website: