Dr. Mike Smalley

Join us on August 25th & 26th to hear our special guest, Dr. Mike Smalley.  We are so excited for these sessions; you won't want to miss them. Make sure you mark off these dates on your calendar so you can be here, and invite a friend to come with you!

Join us

Saturday, August 25th @ 6pm

for great fellowship, wonderful food, and a fabulous speaker.


Sunday, August 26th @ 10am & 6:30pm

for more wisdom from Dr. Smalley.

About Dr. Mike Smalley...

Dr. Mike Smalley, founder and president of Worldreach Ministries and well-known author, is in demand as one of America’s most dynamic and sought after speakers.  His crusades have planted 64 churches in Africa and Central America, and his business seminars have challenged more than 4,000 audiences in 33 nations to reach for and apply the Wisdom of God.  Dr. Smalley has reached millions through his appearances on television, national radio programs, and more!  Follow him on social media to be encouraged and find good wisdom to start your day off right!


Twitter: @DrMikeSmalley

Facebook: Dr. Mike Smalley & WorldReach Ministries

For more information about Dr. Smalley and his ministry, go to his website: